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Trick Photography Pictures for the Novice and Seasoned Professional!

Whether you’re a novice photographer or a seasoned professional, there are certain photos you probably look at and wonder, “How on Earth did they do that?” In many cases, the answer is most likely trick photography. By incorporating these techniques into your own work, you too can produce mind-blowing photographs that are also works of art. If you’ve ever wanted to break into stock photography, learning photo tricks is a great way to produce unusual images that get noticed.

One of the great things about trick photography is that it can be adapted to any skill level or budget. Some tricks are easy to accomplish with few supplies, while others require expensive equipment and advanced skills. Read on for examples of some of the cool photography tricks you can try out today.

Miniature Vignettes (“Fish-Eye” Photos)

Have you seen photographs that are taken with a fish-eye lens, making the subjects look like they are posed in a tiny diorama? If you want to take shots like this, there’s no need to buy an expensive lens. Simply use an item you have around the house: metal, wire screening, or thick construction paper with holes punched in it. Then, simply shoot your photo through the tiny spaced holes to get that cool, fish-eye look without spending a dime.

Halloween Masks

If you want to make your subject look spooky, it’s simple. Shoot them from the shoulders up in a darkened room. The only light should be a flashlight that they hold below the range of the lens, pointed toward their chin. The effect will be a strangely-lit Halloween mask look, with a face that looks like an eerie skeleton. This is a great way to illustrate a scary website or use for a Halloween party invitation.

Abstract Art

There are tons of lenses and photo editing effects that can make everyday objects look like abstract art. But another easy way to achieve this effect is to shoot your subject through varying transparent objects. For example, try a drinking glass, a piece of colored cellophane, or anything else with an interesting texture that you can see through. This is a great technique if you’re interested in experimentation and want to see what shots you can get without spending too much money.

Using Forced Perspective

With this easy trick, you can make your subject look like he’s holding the moon in his hands. All you need to do is hold your camera so the person you’re photographing appears to be smaller than you are. Then, hold the camera in such a way that it looks like the subject is holding the moon in his hands. Though this takes some practice, with the right angle this is a great photography trick. Try different variations, too—you can make someone look like they are leaning against a tall building or scaling a rock face.

Long Exposure

Have you ever wanted to capture the trails of stars moving across the sky? This might sound like an impossibility, but it’s relatively easy to do with long exposure photography. Simply set up your camera on a tripod and select a very long shutter speed. In fact, you can actually set your shutter to stay open until you press the button a second time. Using this technique, you can capture the movement of the stars, which will look like points of light with beautiful trails. This is also a cool way to capture the motion of cars on a highway and other action shots.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

If you want to produce a mystical, almost three-dimensional looking image, HDR photography is the way to achieve that effect. The concept is simple: Take three photos of the same subject, one over-exposed, one under-exposed, and one just right. When you overlap the three together in post-production, you’ll be left with a super-color-saturated, vibrant images that almost feels like it’s in motion. This is a great technique for nature photography, especially a scene with lots of bright colors.

Use the Sun as an Effect

Try shooting your camera directly at the sun on a hazy day. If done correctly, you’ll be able to actually see the sunbeams as they approach the Earth. This produces a beautiful, ethereal image with a warm glow. However, you’ll have to be patient; since the weather conditions have to be right for this to work, you’ll need to capture the sun on just the right day. Try being awake to catch the sunrise in an early morning fog.

Experiment with Shadow Play

Instead of a static object being your subject, try making the shadow that the object casts the subject of your photograph. This can produce an interesting effect, especially if you choose something very large like a plane, statue, or interesting rock formation. The way that light plays around trees and leaves, for example, can also produce a cool pattern that looks like abstract art when shot in shadow.

No matter what photography trick you choose, it’s important to avoid getting discouraged if you don’t get the exact look you want right away. Be flexible and open to experimentation. You should also clear a block of time when you can take a large number of shots; the more images you have to choose from, the more likely that one will be a winner.

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